Improving the lives of kids in our community living with Type 1 Diabetes


The Team Up for T1D Kids was created in 2016, as a 501(c)3 private non-profit organization, with the goal of having a positive impact on kids living with type 1 diabetes (T1D) here in Tri-Cities, WA. We are partnering with individuals and organizations across our T1D community to support good health and expanded diabetes education and to help ease the burden of youth living with T1D. Our outreach will include parents of T1D kids, physicians, school nurses, researchers, caregivers, other funders, government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, device makers, insurers, and other community organizations bringing them together to identify needs and to combine and expand resources.




  • Supporting kids with managing their disease, including but not limited to mental & emotional help, promoting independence & responsibility


  • Supporting parents in helping their kids with this disease, including but not limited to mental & emotional help, creating a communications network of people facing the same challenges


  • Bringing more options to our community when it comes to pump therapy, continuous glucose monitoring, and latest accessories to help T1D youth
    “be cool” & feel they fit in with their peers


  • Providing assistance for those who need medication, equipment,
    supplies and other assistive devices


  • Granting yearly college scholarships for kids with T1D – High school seniors
    or current college students


  • Integrating efforts with T1D involved charities such as Camp Trios,
    Camp Stix, JDRF, etc